Being unable to control or monitor your surroundings can be at times, challenging – especially in the workplace.

With an uncontrollable change such as the ISDN Switch Off affecting millions of people and businesses across the UK, how can you ensure you stay in control at these changing times?


How will the Switch Off affect your business?

BT has announced that by the year 2025 the entire ISDN network will be completely switched off, meaning devices and services that depend on this network will cease to operate.  If your business operates solely on PSTN or ISDN, then all communication into and out of your business will be lost and you will need to seek a replacement.


How and what will replace my ISDN system?

Openreach is retiring the outdated copper technology that is failing more frequently, and replacing it with a newer, fibre-based infrastructure, thus encouraging people to upgrade to newer and more future-proof modes of technology. This technology is better known as ‘VoIP’ (Voice over Internet Protocol) or ‘Hosted Telephony’.  This newer technology will allow your business to expand its potential with advanced features and flexibility, and here’s how.

By upgrading your system, you are gaining access to a wider feature set and customer portal, that gives you more control over how your calls are routed, making real-time changes. You can monitor incoming and outgoing calls, identify peak call times, response times and so much more, meaning you can ensure that you have the right number of people on the phones, at the right time, ultimately improving customer service and staff performance.

The upgrade will come with many benefits to your business, the biggest being you can take full control of your system and its users whilst you grow your business.


How to Be More in Control of your journey

Although the Switch Off is not due to be complete until 2025, services will shut down gradually, throughout the country, and already we are seeing some exchanges enter the “stop sell” status, meaning that they are no longer taking new orders for PSTN and ISDN services.  With this in mind, we would recommend using the following tracker to find out when Openreach plan on disconnecting your area so you can be prepared ahead of time.

Use this time to document your current call flow, important numbers, and any future wish lists you may have for your telecoms package – maybe you want to look at a more flexible way of working for your staff, revisit your Disaster Recovery protocols, or open up an out of hours support team?

Once you have your plan finalised, call our team to discuss how we can get you upgraded quickly, efficiently, and effectively, putting that wish list into action.

Once you have made the leap to your next-generation solution, you can rest assured that your business comms are future-proofed and have put you In Control of the Switch Off.

Whether you are ready to upgrade to VoIP or not, the upgrade is unavoidable. So, take control of your systems and begin your journey with the guarantee of future-proof telephony. Contact one of our experts today on, 0115 852 6600 or email us at