We feel that Business Telecommunications should be at the forefront of your mind when you think of business communications, and if you’re not assured that your system is up to date and can handle the fast pace of working life, we recommend that you evaluate your current set-up.

So, how can you Be More Assured that you are getting the most out of your system?

This will all depend on what you are trying to achieve with your phone system as every setup and workspace is different.  We also need to factor in that the way we work has changed drastically over the past few years.  Previously, a digital phone system would comfortably service one office, using an auto-attendant and call routing features across a number of departments, or calls would filter into one reception area and be manually fed out to the employees.  More recently, flexible working, along with CRM integration has now become the standard in most companies and keeping your staff in communication with customers, and one and other, is becoming harder for the digital system to keep up with.

Video conferencing has also excelled, thanks to COVID lockdown measures, and the need to keep in constant communication with colleagues and customers across the globe has excelled along with it.

So, does your phone system keep up with the ongoing demands of what your company wants to achieve with its levels of communication?



Add value to your business with a feature-rich system

A Hosted system delivers a whole new feature set that your business can benefit from. With advanced features that you, your staff, and most importantly your customers can embrace.

Features such as number porting and virtual DDIs mean your number is no longer tied to your exchange, it’s yours for life. So, for instance, if you move office or even country and take your handset, your number will stay with you. Meaning no more remote call forwarding charges, re-advertising costs, or re-printing business cards.

As well as easy-to-use portals, give your staff freedom to manage their call routing, and messaging options, and even call group members quickly and efficiently, meaning your call flow can be streamlined to whoever is working that day, and no call goes unanswered – meaning no business is missed!

You can be assured that with a rich feature set your Hosted system will allow your business to break free from the limitations of traditional copper telephony networks, so you start to see serious advancements, such as better call quality, fewer network faults, and simpler calling techniques such as click-to-dial.  Hosted Telephony improves your call handlers’ efficiency, but more importantly, improves the customer’s call experience.


Work from anywhere with flexible working 

With remote working or a traveling workforce, it is important that communication remains strong amongst team members and customers. But how do you ensure you keep communication strong with remote staff?

There are many modes of practice your business can take, whether that be software-based such as Microsoft Teams, or even supplying technology such as business mobiles – which can be pricey to supply for each remote worker. But have you thought about the benefits of using a hosted telephone system?

Working from a centralised cloud-based system, each handset is pre-programmed with a user profile and DDI so your staff and their systems can be easily relocated, and thanks to your cloud-based IVR platform, they will still operate as they would at your main office, from anywhere in the world.   Users can instantly see who’s available and connect with them using Presence, Instant Messaging and Click to Call features.


Adding new users for business growth

As your business grows, so will its staff and its demand for business technology. Currently digital systems rely on new lines being added and new phones being configured which can take weeks.

With a hosted solution, you can add a new phone and license in just a matter of days. You can quickly and conveniently add and adjust call groups when new members join your business, and hot-desking features allow you to easily train staff in different departments.

So, you can Be More Assured that when your business’s communication is powered on a hosted platform you are ready to tackle any situation. To find out more about our solutions contact our team on 0115 852 6600 or email us at info@hello-telecom.co.uk.

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