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2019 Award Winning School VoIP

VoIP for Schools

We are passionate about providing safeguarding, secure and compliant VoIP phone systems into schools and academies. As a VoIP for education provider, we understand the requirements needed within your school. Our VoIP school phone system is packed full of specialised features which improves the day-to-day running of your school. Updating your schools phone system to our award-winning VoIP is simple and cost-effective. 

VoIP goes beyond a traditional phone system

Our VoIP phone service goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional phone system.  VoIP has unparalleled features, control and call management. Through the introduction of our VoIP technology, we can provide schools and academies with significant cost savings. This is because VoIP runs over an internet connection rather than costly phone lines. Moving to a VoIP service will future-proof your schools phone system. BT have announced that they will be switching off traditional ISDN phone services by 2025. This means if your school relies on a traditional phone service, you will have to move to an IP solution before the deadline.  

Safeguarding, secure and compliant school VoIP phone system
2019 Award-winning VoIP for schools
Quote from a school using Hello Telecom VoIP for schools

Award Winning VoIP Features

We have built award winning features within our VoIP service. They supercharge your school’s productivity, safety and management. For the full list of features included in our VoIP service, click the “Full list of VoIP features” button below.

Student Support Lines

Safeguarding a child’s welfare is paramount. That’s why we’ve set up student support lines. They are used by students to record anonymously cases of bullying, express feelings of mental health or other safeguarding topics. 

Staff Emergency Broadcasts

It’s critical that staff can contact one another quickly and directly, especially if emergencies or when sensitive incidents occur.  We have developed a school wide paging system that broadcasts announcements directly to staff members. 

Call Recording

 You can optionally record calls and safely store them within our VoIP for schools phone system. This ensures important or sensitive calls can be retained and played back if required. 

Handsets in every Classroom

We are able to fit every classroom with a phone to ensure students never need to be left alone in an emergency situation. 

Auto Attendants

Using our VoIP for schools service, We can set up menu systems that directs callers to the right departments. For example, dial 1 for Absence, dial 2 for enquiries.

Voicemail to Email

Automatically convert any voicemails into an email attachment.

Staff Conference Calls

 We can set up virtual conference rooms where you can host staff meetings in a secure recorded space.

Time Of Day Routing

Set up different options for where calls get sent to, based on the time of day or school holidays.

Hello Telecom VoIP for education quote
Student Support line feature of Hello Telecoms VoIP for Schools
A quote from a Hello Telecom customer who uses VoIP in their school
Hello Telecom Staff Broadcast feature in their VoIP for schools phone service

VoIP for Schools – What’s Included?

We like to make things as simple as possible and so offer a range of VoIP call bundles. Every bundle includes a Contrex Extension, a free IP handset, calls and free features as standard! Upgrade options are available depending on your requirements.  Every  School is different, so we offer bespoke pricing. Please click the “Quick Quote” button below if you’d like to receive a quick quote from one of our team members.

Hello Telecom VoIP for Schools price bundles

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With many School VoIP solutions available, we suggest that you contact us for more information or advice. We’re happy to discuss our solutions with you. You can contact us using the email form below or by calling us on 0115 852 6600.

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