2021 Guide to VoIP phones for the home and office

A business is only as successful and agile as the people involved in managing it. But how do you stay on top of everything and connected when you’re away from your desk? The answer… a mobile phone! However, the efficiency of the device relies on the applications installed on it.

Today, business owners have immediate access to a wealth of information and connectivity via the internet. But how can they harness all that and make everyday tasks easier and more efficient? 

We explore four different applications you can install to your mobile phone today which will help you stay organised, stay in touch with colleagues and clients, and remain focused on what really matters – running your daily duties better.


Email Integration

Most modern phones have some form of email access. Accessing your work emails should be a priority app to have installed onto your mobile phone. Having constant access to your emails will ensure communication isn’t reduced with your staff members and/or customers. Being able to respond to questions or complaints quickly will ensure customer service stays on top form. VoIP handsets can be installed into your office that have the ability to send voicemails left on your fixed office handset to your email (known as Voicemail to Email), where you can listen and respond, no matter where you are located.

Mobile twinning or Teams Integration

Again, most modern working offices with a VoIP telephone system installed within will have a feature called mobile twinning. This feature does exactly what it says on the tin – it grants the user access to transfer incoming calls from their office handset to their mobile phone. Meaning incoming calls don’t have to be missed or delayed. Another application that offers similar features is Microsoft Teams. Teams has become a household name over the past few years with many businesses creating accounts to stay connected when staff are working remotely. The Teams mobile application will allow you to have easy access to staff and even customer contacts to send direct messages, calls or even video calls.

Shared drive or storage applications

Having a shared drive or online document storage app can play an important role in remote working and will completely up your mobile phone game! Being able to store important documents, contracts, or other files to share at your disposal will hugely improve your efficiency and workflow. If you are meeting with a potential client who wants to learn more about your services, you can provide the information seamlessly and quickly. Now, don’t you look efficient?

YouTube or video players

Video marketing has become more popular in recent years, with businesses using explainer videos, customer case studies and more. Having instant access to the showcase of your business videos can provide will be worth its weight in gold. There are a handful of free applications which can store and display video content such as YouTube and Vimeo. These video players allow you to upload your branded video content with a title and description which you can link to relevant web pages.

Using these applications will instantly increase your mobile phone and communication efficiency assisting you within your personal and business life!

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