2021 Guide to VoIP phones for the home and office

In the modern age of fast-paced business communication, it is important to choose the right telephone system for your business and its requirements. We are here to teach you how your business can achieve more by simply upgrading its telecommunications system. Save money and increase employee efficiency with a hosted solution.

Save money on your calls

A bespoke business telephone system tends to enable better control of your spending. With a hosted system most, if not all, calls made are free of charge – reducing your monthly spending on business calls. As calls are made over your internet connection, like Teams or Skype calls – your business line will effectively run the same allowing your business to make and receive calls at a reduced call rate or sometimes even free.

Protect your business from future changes

Upgrading your telecoms is an investment because chances are, you’ll have it installed for a long time. Meaning that your telephone system should be suitable for not just your current requirements, but also your future needs. Assisting your business by overcoming challenges it could face if you didn’t upgrade sooner.

With a bespoke telephone system, you can ensure that your investment is protected. A prime example is business expansion – many businesses expand with additional staff, and therefore need additional capacity and telephone lines. A bespoke telephone system will allow changes to be made quickly and easily as it can be configured for extra capacity when you purchase it.

Furthermore, with the ever-approaching ISDN Switch Off, older and more traditional telephone lines will become obsolete. Meaning users who refuse to switch to a bespoke system will suffer the consequences of zero communication. Making an upgrade before the switch off will mean your business will avoid these challenges and begin to see the instant benefits.

Extra features to improve efficiency

Businesses perform better with a more customised and more flexible system that grants a wide feature set to increase staff productivity. Features like auto-attendant help route callers to their desired department or staff member and other features such as automated voicemail-to-email allow users to access voicemails when away from the office.

It’s these customised features that provide your employees and clients with a better and more streamlined calling experience. Things like customised on-hold messages and hunt groups all add up to make your system truly perfect and allow a more positive experience for your customers and your business.

More tailored support

As with all pieces of technology, business telephone systems do at times experience faults. These faults are often easily rectified by remote staff working from our offices. A bespoke phone system allows our engineers to login and make adjustments and run diagnostics to make sure your system is running as smoothly as it can.

With a hosted system that is covered by maintenance – you can rest easy knowing that remote diagnostics can fix most issues. If not, we stock all spare parts and have a large in-house engineering department that can get to you with no problem.

Scalability and growth

If your business is forever looking to expand, scaling your system is always a worry. Will you have enough capacity? Will it cost a lot? Do I need a new system when my business grows?

The good news is that, with a bespoke system, you don’t need to worry. We’ll talk you through all of these questions before you choose your system – to make sure that you never have any worries about scaling your business. We can even look at multi-site preparation if that’s something you’re interested in.

Overall better experience

Over-the-phone experience is of paramount importance to customers, new or existing. We find that it’s often a top priority of businesses. With a bespoke telephone system, you can pick and choose the features that you think would provide the best over-the-phone experience for your customers and staff who use the phone regularly.

These features can also be heavily customised, for example, a custom ‘thanks for calling’ message could be played to callers, followed by an audio menu that is bespoke to your business. Things like call recording and wallboards allow your staff to manage time well and have control of their calls. These features can create a positive experience for both staff and customers, making your business easier and more desirable to communicate with.

Bespoke integrations

Integrating your telephone system with your business’ CRM is one of the most commonly requested features asked. Having a telephone system that seamlessly integrates with your CRM software enables features such as click-to-dial, call recording storage, screen-popping of customer records, and more.

A bespoke telephone system accomplishes this kind of feature, which can be set up when the system is installed.

With the approaching ISDN Switch Off, making the change to a hosted or bespoke system couldn’t come at a better time. Upgrading through 2 Circles ensures that the changeover period goes as smoothly as possible and your employees are all comfortable with your new system so you can begin achieving more from your new system sooner.

To discover how you can achieve more make sure you contact one of our experts on 0115 852 6600 or email info@hello-telecom.co.uk.

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