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Clear Communication

Our VoIP company avoids tech jargon so that our customers understand what our service can do for them.  We endeavour to make our VoIP phone service simple so that benefits and terms are clear and straightforward for all of our customers.

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Flexible Solutions

Users and features on our VoIP Business or VoIP School phone systems can be amended quickly to reflect the changing requirements within your Business or School.  

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We own our VoIP communication platform. This means our VoIP company can develop our services to reflect the changing needs of our customers. 

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Simple Plans

We endeavour to create simple VoIP phone plans so that you understand exactly what you’re paying for.  

Our VoIP Company Story

Founded in 2002, our VoIP company, Hello Telecom has been successfully trading as a VoIP business for over 19 years. Originally established as a switchless reseller business in 2002, the board were sure that IP was the future of communications. Hello went on to pioneer the IP voice market by connecting their first business customer on a VoIP service in 2004. Following a successful stock market flotation, the company acquired its own VoIP offering, “Contrex” in 2008. As pioneers in cloud-based IP services, Hello’s own Contrex VoIP platform supports a complete, feature rich set of communication solutions. Contrex goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional small business phone system by adding unparalleled features, control, call management and cost savings for Businesses and Schools.

Thousands of Happy Customers

Hello presented us with a fantastic proposal showing that we could make great savings across the trust, I had a great deal of confidence in the knowledge shown by Hello, they understood better than most companies about our needs as an educational establishment”  

Evolve Trust

Systems Manager, Tony Cartwright

“Hello Telecom have been essential in creating stable phone and internet platforms across our Laurie Ross Branch network. They deliver a solution that meets our business needs whilst being competitive, open, honest and supportive.

Laurie Ross Insurance Broker

Business Manager, Lorraine Cooper

What We Do Best

Contact Us

We have many VoIP phone systems available; we suggest that you contact us for more information or advice. We’re happy to discuss the best VoIP phone systems for you. Our team will be happy to help. You can contact us using the email form below or by calling us on 0115 852 6600.