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Softphone Solutions 

We have the UK’s leading business Softphone solutions.  Softphones are perfect for office and home-based employees.  Employees who are permanently or temporarily working from home often encounter home network problems trying to use their office phone at home. A business Softphone installed on your PC, Mobile, Laptop or Tablet solves this problem. 

Turn any device into a Softphone 

Our Softphone solutions allow you turn multiple devices into a virtual desk phone. Our Softphone software allows you to make HD quality VoIP calls on a Mobile, PC, Laptop or Tablet. 









Import and Sync Business Contacts 

All of your business contacts can be imported quickly onto your Softphone device. You can view all of your business contacts under the “contacts” tab. 

VoIP Softphone UK Business Contacts Hello Telecom
Softphone Mobile UK Call Features

Powerful Call Features in an Easy To Use Interface 

Intuitive call features in a simple, clean interface. Our Softphone 

solutions have been designed with the user in mind. 

Call Forwarding, Transfer, Hold Call Recording and More 

Conference Call Capabilities 

You can host and participate in conference calls anywhere using your business Softphone. Conference calls can be held for up to six contacts. 

Softphone Mobile Mock up Conference Call Feature

Softphone Benefits 

Softphone solutions come packed full of benefits for your business. Here are a few of them below.

Softphone Save Money Benefit

Save Money 

  • Free Application 
  • No expensive hardware 
  • Don’t pay for minutes 
  • Use your existing devices 
Softphones remote working

Office & Home Working

  • HD Call quality anywhere 
  • Turn multiple devices into a desk phone 
  • Work anywhere there’s an internet or data connection 
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  • Sync business directory contacts 
  • Shortcode dialling 
  • Add devices to call groups or queues 
  • Fast and simple to implement 
Softphone Management


  • Set call controls across devices 
  • Increase call visibility 
  • Simple to add devices 
  • Easy to provision 

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With many Softphone solutions available, we suggest that you contact us for more information or advice. We’re happy to discuss our Softphone solutions with you.  You can contact us using the email form below or by calling us on 0115 852 6600. 

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