Microsoft Teams Calling

Microsoft Teams Calling

Microsoft Teams Calling, also known as Direct Routing is a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling plans on your Microsoft phone system. Microsoft phone system users can make and receive landline or mobile calls by adding the Hello Teams Calling service. The Hello Teams Calling service is a simple addon subscription that combines the benefits of VoIP with the collaboration capabilities of Teams. 

What is Teams Calling?

Currently, anyone using Teams can communicate with other Teams users without a phone number. Adding the Hello Teams Calling service converts a Teams account into a telephone. This allows users to make and receive telephone calls using their Teams application. 

Unify Teams Collaboration with Communication

Maximise employee’s productivity as they can call from the same, easy to use Teams platform with added call features.

Unify Platforms Teams Calling

Unify Platforms

  • Unify collaboration & calling.
  • Simplify management on one platform.

Added Call Functionality Microsoft Calling

Added Call Functionality

  • Get critical call features that you can’t get on a standard Microsoft phone system or Teams licence.
  • Implement a solution that combines Teams Calling with Contrex VoIP. 

Simple Usability and Installation Microsoft Teams Calling

Simple Usability and Installation

  • Use your existing phone numbers, Contrex services and MS Teams tenancy. 
  •  Easy-to-use.

Flexible Icon Microsoft Teams Calling


  • Pay-as-you-go subscription-based pricing.
  • Full call capability on all devices, PC, Laptop and Mobile.
  • Simple add on service.

How does MS Teams Calling work?

Microsoft Teams Calling is an easy add-on subscription service that connects your Microsoft phone system to a Hello Contrex SIP Trunk in minutes. This allows users you to make and receive calls on any device using the Microsoft Teams App.

Get Added Call Features 

Add critical call features that are unavailable on your Microsoft phone system or standard Teams licence.

UK Numbers

Get a full range of UK numbers.

Call Bundles

Add cost-effective Teams call bundles.

Fraud Monitoring

Tracks changes in behaviour to notify users of potential fraud.

Credit Monitoring

Track and notify users of potential credit fraud.

Call Recording

Secure (FCA compliant) call recording.

Time of Day Routing

Set up rules to route calls depending on the time or day. Direct calls to your voicemail service after hours or to call groups between chosen days or hours. 

Call Barring

Add Call Barring to stop users from receiving calls from chosen numbers or making calls to chosen numbers.

Contrex Integration

Integrate MS Teams Calling with your Contex VoIP phone system.


Why should I pick Hello’s Teams Calling service? 

Hello’s Teams Calling is cheaper than Microsoft calling plans. 

Hello’s calling plans easily integrate with Contrex. Users combine all the benefits of Contrex with MS Teams. 

What software is needed before I can add Teams Calling?  

You need to have a Microsoft 365 licence that includes the Microsoft Phone System.

Can Teams Calling replace my existing phone service? 

This depends on your organisation. Teams Calling is suited to staff who already regularly use Teams to make and receive calls internally.

Teams Calling is generally more expensive than a standard phone system due to limited hardware options. It isn’t usually suitable for contact centers or non-office-based environments like schools, factories, warehouses or shops. 

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