SIP Trunks

Users of traditional PABX systems can benefit from Next-Generation Networks technology, without throwing away a perfectly good phone system to do so. A SIP trunk is simply a different way of connecting your existing phone system to the outside world and bringing additional capacity and features to that system.

Additional Lines and Capacity

Customers that wish to keep existing ISDN lines can add a SIP trunk to provide additional channels for inbound and or outbound calling. This not only provides backup to ISDN lines; it will also provide additional hosted numbering options and allow employees to integrate with the phone system from any location.

SIP Trunk Benefits
Numbering Flexibility
With standard (BT) phone lines you are stuck with the allocated line number as your business phone number. A SIP trunk breaks the link between line and number. Your SIP trunk account can utilise multiple numbers of different types, including STD geographic (e.g. 01158526600) and non-geographic (e.g. 0845, 0870).  You can even employ geographic numbers from outside your telephone exchange area, or numbers from a different country, which is ideal for marketing campaigns and International satellite offices.
Added Features & Services
Wherever a PABX is running at maximum capacity, SIP trunks can be used in conjunction with the Hello Telecom Hosted Business Telephony service to create a single, seamless solution. All of the features supported by our Hosted Business Telephony can be made available on a SIP trunk.

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