We’ve developed our own cloud-based, value added services platform called Contrex. The technology behind our services is the reason we win awards, making Contrex one of the most popular business platforms in the UK.
Hello Telecom Award Winning UK VoIP phone systems
Say Hello to Contrex
Contrex utilises a highly scalable, distributed architecture which is fully resilient and can be used by organisations of all sizes. Interconnected with a number of tier 1 carriers (including BT), Contrex has access to a full suite of UK telephone numbers that have been assigned to Hello Telecom by Ofcom, as well as international numbers through partner organisations.

We are able port any numbers to the Contrex platform where the range holder of the number is a BT IP Exchange customer.

Contrex is hosted in carrier grade data centres, with redundant power feeds and multiple carrier fibre connections.

Contrex supports a wide variety of services:

Hosted Telephony (IP Contrex)

Number Translation Services (NTS)

SIP Trunks

Call Recording

Contact Centre solutions

Bespoke network services

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One Platform, Multiple Applications
How does a VoIP phone system work
Simple Online Management
Contrex provides the user with a fully functional web portal to manage the services that the platform supports, as well as a multi-tiered distribution partner management system. The Contrex platform and web portal can be completely white-labelled for our reseller partners and their resellers.
Leave Security to us
As with any cloud-based service, security is of the utmost importance. The Contrex platform sits behind hardware firewalls that are managed by the Hello Telecom Technical Team.

Hello Telecom’s Fraud Monitoring and Detection system continually watches over the Contrex platform, checking for unusual call patterns and proactively alerting and suspending customer accounts when needed.

Contrex utilises SIP, where all information between a handset or alternative end point and the Contrex platform is encrypted. In addition, we recommend all customers utilise a VoIP Optimised Connectivity circuit to connect to Contrex. These circuits run over a VPN, which provides an additional level of security.

Contrex is continually evolving to meet the demands of today’s Communications marketplace
If you’d like more information on the technology behind our services, contact us today.