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As a Nottingham based business VoIP provider we are thrilled that we can help support local Businesses at this challenging time. Our business VoIP phone systems go beyond the capabilities of a traditional phone system by adding unparalleled features, control, call management and cost savings. This is why so many Nottingham Businesses have chosen to implement our VoIP phone system. In this article we’ll explore why Nottingham Businesses are choosing Hello as their VoIP provider.


Franklin Ellis Architects  

Franklin Ellis is an ambitious Architect practice with offices in Nottingham and Leicester. 

Franklin Ellis approached us as they needed a feature rich phone system that could support their growing practice in Nottingham. Our Business VoIP phone system was hassle- free and easy to install compared to other providers. Business VoIP supports Franklin Ellis in providing a professional service to their customers. Franklin Ellis benefits from a range of call features that they can’t get over a traditional phone system. This includes conference call facilities. Franklin Ellis has a number of conference call phones that assists them to professionally hold secure meetings in and away from the office. Franklin Ellis are so happy with our Business VoIP phone system that when they expanded, they asked us to provide VoIP to their Leicester offices. 

The Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall

Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham

We’re proud to be the VoIP provider for the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. The Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall have a high volume of booking and enquiry calls to manage. Therefore, it’s imperative that their phone provider could support them with call management facilities. We implemented a full VoIP phone system which includes critical management features such as call queues, groups and auto-attendants. They also have access to wall boards which allows staff to monitor and manage incoming and outgoing calls. We also provided them with internal and public Wi-Fi services; this ensures a high level of service. Since the National lockdown, we have worked closely with them to ensure that the essential business can continue through home-working telephony solutions.

Strelley Systems Ltd  

Strelly Systems Ltd, Strelley Hall, Nottingham

Strelley Systems is a successful Business based around the East Midlands with offices in Nottingham. They specialise in maintaining and running fully provisioned office spaces which they lease to business tenants. We provide Strelley Systems with Business VoIP phone systems across multiple locations. Our VoIP phone system is the perfect solution for Strelley due to its flexibility; it changes quickly to meet their changing requirements. Adding or removing extensions is simple and quick so Strelley only pays for the extensions that they need. When Strelley need to add further locations, our VoIP phone system can accomadate this easily.

Business VoIP Nottingham Building

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