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Implementing the right technology into smaller businesses is critical; this includes choosing the right phone system. Covid has challenged many smaller business IT departments as they have been tasked with migrating their office phone systems into employee’s homes. Many small businesses have realised that their fixed phone lines no longer serve their current or future needs in 2021. Small businesses are now looking for a phone system that can facilitate home and office working; as they plan to make remote working a permanent business model. Small businesses are choosing to migrate to a VoIP phone system, but why? In this article we will answer common VoIP questions, and explain why small businesses need a VoIP phone system in 2021.


Is VoIP better than landline? 

In short, yes. A VoIP phone system matches and surpasses every function of a traditional landline.  


What are the advantages of a VoIP phone system over landlines? 


One of the main advantages is that VoIP is flexible. VoIP can be used in and out of the office. Whereas, traditional lines are fixed to one location. In 2021, it’s imperative that a business phone system can support employees to work anywhere. VoIP does just that; VoIP supports employees to collaborate professionally whether they are working at the office, at home or on the go.

Cost effective 

A VoIP phone system is usually cheaper than landlines. This is because VoIP facilitates calls over an internet connection instead of costly phone lines. VoIP allows businesses to have more control and visibility over their spending. Changes to users and features can be made quickly and easily. VoIP often comes with free handsets, free features and low cost monthly call bundles as standard.

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Is VoIP reliable for business? 

Is VoIP reliable? As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, you’ll experience high-quality and reliable VoIP calls. In the unlikely event that the internet goes down, a VoIP phone system will still work. This is because VoIP has multiple back-up solutions to keep businesses online at all times. In order to do business, you need a reliable phone system. Small businesses can’t afford to be offline. In 2021 customers expect to be able to reach a business easily at all times. 


What equipment is needed for VoIP? 

Setting up a VoIP phone system is simple as it requires minimal hardware. VoIP needs a reliable internet connection with decent bandwidth. Generally, there are no other hardware requirements other than IP phone handsets which can be free with VoIP call bundles.  


Can I use my existing handsets with VoIP? 

You will need IP handsets. If you already have IP handsets, they can usually be provisioned to work with other VoIP phone systems. There is a VoIP IP handset to suit every budget. 


How much does UK VoIP cost?   

A VoIP phone system can be configured to suit every business budget. VoIP is usually a lot cheaper than a traditional phone system so you can expect to pay less. There isn’t a set price for VoIP as the cost depends on the number of users, features and handsets that your business needs  


The events in 2021 have changed how small businesses operate. Small businesses need a phone system that can be used out of the office, is flexible and cost effective to manage. VoIP ticks all of these boxes. A VoIP phone system gives small businesses the freedom to collaborate professionally anywhere. 

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