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It’s been a tricky year for businesses in 2020. The coronavirus has changed the way the world does business. No longer can we have face-to-face meetings or work safely from an office. Coronavirus has forced businesses to change the way in which they communicate. When the lockdown happened, UK businesses were forced to quickly implement ad hoc communication solutions in order to allow staff to safely communicate from home. Now that we enter a New Year, businesses are now reviewing their temporary communication solutions. Many businesses are choosing to implement a VoIP phone system due to its flexibility; it allows businesses to be prepared for anything. In this article we’ll review business VoIP to see how it allows businesses to be ready for every eventuality.  


2021 Working Landscape

Before we take a look at business VoIP phone systems, it’s important to consider the working landscape in 2021. We need to understand how businesses will operate post Covid. With the planned roll out of the vaccine many businesses are looking forward to returning to the office. However, many experts disagree, they argue that we won’t all go back to the office. Experts predict that this event has changed the way in which we work forever. This notion is backed up by many employee studies carried out over 2020. More than half of Britons would like to work from home more often after the Covid crisis and around a third say the ability to work at home will be a factor when they next seek a new job. Many savvy companies are now planning how they can make remote working a permanent model within their business. In 2021 it’s important that businesses implement a phone system that supports office and remote working employees. 


Eventuality: My employees need to split their time between the office and home 

Unlike a traditional phone system, a VoIP phone system can be used in, around and out of the office This allows employees to continue to communicate and collaborate anywhere. This is because VoIP runs over an internet connection rather than traditional fixed phone lines that can only be used in one location.  



Hello Telecom Business VoIP Home and Remote Working
Eventuality: I need to add users to my phone system as my business grows. 

Business VoIP changes are quick compared to a traditional phone system. You are able to add and remove users easily so you are only paying for what your business needs. 


Eventuality: I need to hold private meetings with remote working employees. 

A VoIP phone system can hold secure phone meetings using call Conference Rooms. This secure call space allows employees to hold meetings where they can easily communicate and collaborate on projects together. 


Eventuality: In order to manage effectively, I need to be able to monitor users on my phone system. 

Our Business VoIP phone system has a central management tool called Desktop. Desktop allows chosen users to monitor current calls, view call histories, listen to voicemails and more. Desktop is the perfect tool for managers or directors who need to oversee their employees calls. 


Eventuality: My phone system may need to change in a few months’ time, depending on if we return to the office. 


A VoIP phone system a very flexible. This means it can be amended quickly to reflect your businesses requirements. Changes can be made to support new locations, users or features. Changes can be completed quickly compared to traditional phone linesWhen your business is ready to return to the office; your VoIP phone system will be able to support this move instantly.  


The flexibility within a VoIP phone system allows businesses to be prepared for every eventuality. This is because a VoIP phone system can make quick or instant changes to support changing business requirements. This allows businesses to be one step ahead compared to businesses who use traditional phone lines.

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