Hello Telecom What is SoGEA Broadband

 What is SoGEA Broadband? 

SoGEA, what does it mean? SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. Up until now, to deliver broadband to a home or office, you needed to have a traditional phone line installed. SoGEA broadband doesn’t run over a phone line; instead, SoGEA is a dedicated line that delivers a broadband connection. 


Why was SoGEA created? 

SoGEA has been created because there is less demand for traditional phone line services within businesses and homes. Many businesses are choosing to implement VoIP or IP phone solutionthat only need a broadband connection to make calls. With the consumer shift towards VoIP, traditional phone lines are becoming redundant.  

BT Openreach have also announced that they will terminate traditional ISDN phone lines by 2025. BT exchanges are now closed to new PSTN orders as part of the migration to an all IP future communications network. This means traditional phone lines will be replaced by fast fibre connections. This means that businesses and homes will no longer require a phone line to carry broadband. The future is data only, Single Order broadband such as SoGEA, or Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. 


The benefits of SoGEA 

SoGEA broadband has many benefits compared to traditional broadband. SoGEA is becoming a popular broadband choice for businesses who want to futureproof their connection.  

  • SoGEA is quicker to install  
  • Lower rental costs 
  • Quick install 
  • Faster Speed 
  • Easier management, one bill    

This is a quick introduction of SoGEA broadband. For more more information visit our SoGEA webpage. You can also call or email us, one of our team members will be happy to help. Call us on 08000 11 64 34 or email us using the contact form below. 

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