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The way in which businesses collaborate is having to change. The movement towards remote working or split time between the office and home is increasing. Businesses are already preparing for a new work reality where employees split their time between the office and home. The trend towards remote or split working will continue to grow due to the second Lockdown. Businesses are realising that the new work reality is one where employees can work anywhere. This means businesses need to overcome communication challenges by implementing a remote business phone system that supports employees to collaborate from home, on the go or in the office. In this article will discover how a Hello remote business phone system can support businesses to communicate effectively anywhere. 

How is a Hello remote business phone system able to support employees to communicate anywhere? 

A Hello business phone system runs over a VoIP service. Unlike a traditional fixed phone line, a VoIP business phone system runs over a broadband connection meaning it’s flexible and can be used wherever there’s a broadband connection. This means it can be used from home, on the go or in the office. A traditional phone line however is fixed physically to one location meaning it can’t be used outside of the office. 

Hello’s Desktop application enhances employee collaboration. 

Hello’s remote business phone system can integrate with an employee’s PC. This application is called Desktop. Desktop has been designed to increase call efficiency and collaboration between employees. Employees are able to use Desktop on their PC to make calls, view colleagues call statuses, listen to voicemails, view call histories, access business directories and more. Desktop enhances employee collaboration as they can view what their colleagues are doing in real time. This means they are able to work together effectively without being in the same room. 

Hello’s remote business phone system supports virtual conference calls. 

Hello’s phone system can host secure virtual conference calls between employees. Secure call rooms can be set up so that teams are able to collaborate and share ideas in a virtual meeting whether they are working from home or in the office.   

Hello’s softphones allow employees to communicate on the go. 

A Hello Softphone allows businesses to turn multiple devices into a virtual business desk phone so that employees can stay connected on the go.  A softphone can be installed as an app on an employee’s business mobile. The app is simple to install and enables users to make and receive calls on their mobile like they are using the business phone system.  This means employees can continue to communicate professionally whilst working in different locations.  

Hello’s business phone system is flexible, it changes quickly to support business requirements. 

A Hello business phone system a very flexible. This means it can be amended quickly to reflect your businesses changing requirements. Changes can be made to support new locations, users or features. Changes can be completed right away meaning your employees can always communicate professionally regardless of any changes being made to the business phone system.  

Hello’s business phone system provides businesses with a smart, efficiency enhancing phone system that allows employees to communicate professionally anywhere.  This is because Hello’s business phone system can be used anywhere and isn’t constricted to one location like a traditional phone system is. Hello’s business phone system is packed full of features that supports employees to collaborate on projects. This is why it’s a popular communication choice for businesses. If you would like more information on Hello business phone systems, call us on 08000 11 64 34 or email us using the contact form below. 


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