Hello Telecom VoIP can help overcome Covid business challenges

It isn’t an easy task to safeguard and run your business at this time. It’s important that your business can remain operating normally wherever employees may be working. Our flexible VoIP phone systems are supporting businesses to operate safely and compliantly at this time. Our VoIP phone systems’ flexibility adapts to the changing requirements that businesses face. Features and users can be added quickly and easily meaning your employees can continue to work effortlessly despite the challenges faced by Covid. In this article we will take a look at how a VoIP phone system can help overcome business challenges caused by Covid.

Challenge: I need a phone system that can be used in the office and at employees’ homes.

Unlike a traditional phone system, a VoIP phone system can be used in, around and out of the office, meaning employees can continue to communicate professionally at the office, remotely or at home. This is because VoIP runs over an internet connection rather than traditional fixed phone lines that can only be used in the office.

Challenge: I need to add users to my phone system quickly in response to changing rolls.

VoIP changes are quick compared to a traditional phone system. You are able to add and remove users easily so you are only paying for what your business needs.

Challenge: I need fixed phones that multiple people can use in the office.

A VoIP phone system allows multiple users to login to a phone. This is called Hot Desking. Hot Desking is perfect for employees who work in multiple locations or spaces. Employees log into a shared phone that immediately behaves like their own extension. They can make and receive calls, check their messages and more.

Challenge: I need to hold meetings with remote working employees.

A VoIP phone system can hold secure phone meetings using Conference Rooms. This secure phone space allows employees to hold meetings where they can easily communicate and collaborate on projects.

Challenge: I want to use my desk phone at home and in the office.

VoIP Plug and play handsets are perfect for office and home workers. Our handsets can be plugged in and used anywhere without losing business features like hunt groups or call queues.


Challenge: My phone system may need to change in a few months’ time, depending on if we return to the office.

A VoIP phone system a very flexible. This means it can be amended quickly to reflect your businesses requirements. Changes can be made to support new locations, users or features. Changes can be completed quickly meaning your business can always operate professionally.

A VoIP phone system is the right decision for businesses to operate professionally at this time. It can change quickly which allows your business to adapt and continue to communicate despite the challenges face by Covid. 

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