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Openreach has confirmed that their new broadband product SoGEA is available across the UK. SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. Up until now, to deliver broadband to a home or office, you needed to have a traditional phone line installed. SoGEA broadband doesn’t run over a phone line, instead it’s single line and superfast.  

Why the change to SoGEA Broadband? 

SoGEA is the biggest change in the telecoms industry for over 30 years. Historically, connectivity needed to run over traditional phone lines. Traditional phone line services are being switched off in 2025. This means that connectivity will no longer be supported by traditional copper telephone lines. The future is data only, Single Order broadband such as SoGEA, or Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. 

SoGEA Benefits vs Standard Broadband 

  • Quicker to fix faults –  SoGEA is packed full of benefits that you can’t get with standard broadband packages. SoGEA faults are resolved much quicker since customers only need to provide one support call to their SoGEA provider. As SoGEA only runs on one line it means faults can be diagnosed easier than standard broadband connectivity.  
  • Cheaper – SoGEA is cheaper than standard broadband as you only have to pay for the one SoGEA line instead of an additional phone line as well.  
  • Superior Speed – Speeds are dependent on your area but SoGEA is usually faster than standard broadband connections. 

How long does SoGEA take to install? 

Ordering a SoGEA service is quick, SoGEA can be installed within 5 days. 

How will I be able to make calls if traditional phone lines are ceasing?  

Traditional ISDN and PSTN phone lines will not exist after 2025. Phone users will have to switch to voice services such as VoIP to make calls.  SoGEA will be the available as the ideal broadband to carry their VoIP service. 

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