Phone Systems for office and home-based employees

Whether your business is moving to the office or it’s staying at home, or perhaps both. It’s critical that your business implements a phone system that can support employees to communicate professionally wherever they work. In this article we will review flexible phone systems and evaluate how they can support businesses with office and home-based employees. 

Your business needs a flexible phone system  

It’s imperative that your business phone system is flexible enough to support home and office-based employees. A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system will provide businesses with this much needed flexibility. This is because a VoIP phone system isn’t constricted to one location like a traditional fixed phone system is. A VoIP phone system is hosted which allows you to use it inside or outside of the office. A VoIP phone solution is flexible, cost effective and is packed full of remote working features. This makes it a popular communication choice for businesses who have office and home-based staff. 

Businesses that have traditional fixed phone systems (ISDN or PSTN) will not be able to support remote workers. This is because traditional phone lines are fixed to one location, meaning they do not have any functionality outside of the office building. 

VoIP phone system supports remote workers 

Businesses who have traveling, home or office-based staff choose to implement a VoIP phone system because VoIP can support employees who work outside of the office. Here are a few examples of VoIP’s remote working features. 

  • Virtual conference rooms   Host secure virtual meetings using conference rooms so employees can collaborate effectively wherever they are. Conference rooms can also be optionally recorded to be played back at a later time for employees who miss or need to refer back to the meeting. 
  • Plug and Play handsets    Plug and play handsets are perfect for office and home workers. VoIP handsets can be plugged in and used anywhere without losing business features like hunt groups or call queues.   
  • Soft phone mobile Apps   Soft Phone Mobile App acts like your VoIP desk phone in your pocket. It operates using an internet connection meaning you can work virtually anywhere by linking to your office VoIP phone system. The app allows you to work professionally by hosting conference calls, sync business contacts, create chat groups and more. 
  • Hot Desking Hot Desking is perfect for employees who work in multiple locations or spaces. Employees log into a shared phone that immediately behaves like their own extension. They can make and receive calls, check their messages and more. 
  •  Call Pairing / Forwarding – Forwarding calls from a Landline to a mobile ensures that you can provide an exceptional level of service, whether you’re at home, in the office or on the move. 

VoIP is easy for businesses to manage and monitor 

VoIP phone systems have centralised management tools which allow businesses to monitor their entire VoIP phone platform. Management tools allow businesses to view a range of actions. You can view active users, active calls, silent listen into calls and much more. Management tools allow businesses to have control over calls coming in and out of their business even if employees are working away.  

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