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 Managing a busy school isn’t an easy task, you need to ensure the safety and security of every student and staff member within your school.There are many telephony solutions on the market but they’re usually bog standard and do not include features that enhance the safety of your school.That’s why we’ve developed our awardwinning VoIP telephony solution that transforms a school’s safety, security and compliancy with its feature rich capabilities.In this article we look at our VoIP telephony for schools and take a look at the individual features that allows your school to be safeguarded, secure and compliant


What is VoIP?

VoIP is a cloudbased telephony solution which moves your whole phone system online so all of your calls are sent over your internet connection. This digital cloudbased phone system offers a wide range of additional features that you can’t get over traditional phone lines

VoIP Safeguarding Features

Student Support Lines

Our VoIP service allows you to easily setup student support lines.They are used by students to record anonymously cases of bullying, express feeling of mental health and other safeguarding topics. 

Staff Emergency Broadcasts

It’s critical that staff can contact one another quickly and directly, especially if emergencies or if sensitive incidents occur.Through VoIP  you can setup school wide paging system to broadcast announcements directly to staff members.

Handsets in every Classroom

We are able to fit every classroom with phone to ensurstudents never need to be left alone in an emergency situation.


VoIP Compliancy Features

Call Recording

You can optionally record calls and safely store them. This ensures important or sensitive calls can be retained and played back if required.

Centralised Reception

Schools experience lot of incoming calls usually at the beginning of the day. We can set up centralised reception so you’ll be able to  easily manage and direct the call flow to the relevant departments which ensure important calls are never missed.

Staff Conference Calls

We can setup virtual conference rooms where you can host staff meetings in secure recorded space.


These are just a few of our safeguarding, secure and compliant features that our VoIP telephony provides. To find out more about our VoIP service for education please contact us on 0115 852 6600 or email