5 VoIP questions answered

VoIP isn’t as complicated as the name might imply. Simply it stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s no different to what you should be currently using, VoIP lets you make and receive calls just like you do with an ordinary office phone, but uses the Internet instead. In fact, the VoIP system looks and feels exactly like an ordinary phone, many users don’t even realise that their using a VoIP handset. There are a few common questions surrounding VoIP, let’s address the big ones first.


Can I keep my old numbers? 

 Of course! Migrating to VoIP doesn’t mean you have to replace your current numbers unless you want to.


 What happens If I lost interent connection?

  If in the unlikely event that your internet connection goes down a system failover process would take over. To ensure a level of continuity we have built mechanisms that do not rely on a data connection. Calls can be rooted to alternative numbers meaning that there is no disruption to your VoIP service. Bespoke disaster recovery requirements can be created depending on your requirements.


 Can I use my old handsets

 Many handsets can be configured to work with a VoIP solution however it’s dependent on their make and model. Most VoIP service providers will recommend that you purchase new IP handsets which are guaranteed to work alongside their VoIP solution. We offer free handsets as part of your contract which means you won’t have to pay for extra hardware costs if you choose to move to Hello.  


 Will I need a faster interent connection to use VoIP services?

 VoIP packets are very small.  If your current Internet service is adequate for your needs it is highly probable that you can add a VoIP service and not notice any difference at all. The majority of customers that have implemented our VoIP solution haven’t needed to upgrade their speed. To ensure that our VoIP service works clearly, we can provide you with a broadband audit upon quoting.


 How long does it take to move to a VoIP service?

 Moving to VoIP shouldn’t take very long. The majority of organizations and businesses already have access to a high-speed internet connection with many already having it installed. This is the main foundation to VoIP, the only other components needed is VoIP phones. On average implementing a new VoIP system shouldn’t take more than a few weeks.


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