5 ways VoIP can revolutionise your business


In todays market businesses are now opting for cloud-based solutions in some capacity. Whether it’s using cloud-based storage or hosted communications it’s apparent that there’s unparalleled benefits. If you feel that your current phone system is holding you back, here are a few signs that it’s time to upgrade to VoIP in order to revolutionise your business.



Your expanding to multiple sites

If your organization is expanding to multiple locations or moving to a bigger site it’s an ideal time to reassess your current technology to see if it’s meeting your needs. Rapid growth demands scalability. A virtual phone system allows you to quickly increase capacity or add applications when you actually need them. This is practically hassle free compared to traditional solutions. Most hosted telephony providers offer exclusive benefits ideal for multi-site companies. One feature offered by many providers are free call capabilities between sites. This offer is something to take advantage of as it will cut costs for your company dramatically.


Your workforce is mobile 

More businesses are becoming increasingly mobile and research reveals that this is only set to rise. This means that the modern workplace demands for greater mobility and work from home support without compromising on quality. VoIP communications cater for this and gives your employees the ability to communicate anywhere and from any device. Some solutions are as simple as placing a SIM into a mobile device. The mobile acts like your office phone without compromising on critical business features or call quality.


Your equipment is getting dated  

Most fixed office phone systems are in need of an upgrade or may be near the end of its contract. This is an ideal time to upgrade to a cloud-based phone system rather than sinking money into old technology. Traditional phone lines will cease in 2025 so it doesn’t make sense to invest in technology that will eventually become useless. It’s time to plan ahead and take a look at what a cloud-based solution can offer you.


Your phone costs are growing

The cost to maintain your traditional phone system can be expensive. You may have found yourself with a high bill particularly if you are dealing with an older phone system. You may have noticed that your even paying for features or lines that you no longer need. With a hosted solution, the provider can be responsible for upgrades and security of the phone system. This means that you will save in maintenance costs and will spend less on up keeping equipment.


You need productivity improvements

If you haven’t updated your phone system in a while the chances are that you are missing out on features that will improve your businesses productivity. You may have access to basic features but are you aware of what’s available through cloud communications? Take conference calling for example. This feature is available through hosted solutions and eliminates time and money being wasted in using third party software.


If a lot of what we’ve spoken about resonates with you then I highly recommend that you look into hosted solutions. Here at Hello we specialise in business hosted telephony and can offer any advice or questions that you may have. Call us on 08000 11 64 34 or email us at sales@hello-telecom.co.uk.