Why now is the best time to become a VoIP reseller


Partner programmes are well established and popular business strategies that benefits both vendor and partner. They are used to grow sales and diversify their network of users by establishing new links to customers. Collaborating with the right partner will provide lots of opportunities for you and your business and will provide you with many additional revenue streams, but why is now the best time to become a VoIP partner?


 Phone line shutdown

There’s no avoiding the impending phone line shutdown as Ofcom forges ahead with plans to shut its traditional telephone network in Britain, with the intention of shifting all customers over to IP telephony services by 2025. This means that there’s a huge demand for VoIP as everyone needs to move to a future proof solution which makes becoming a VoIP reseller very profitable!


VoIP is flexible to meet the needs in every industry

VoIP systems allow for increased flexibility. In a smaller business the role of a staff member may vary daily, this may mean that their working location changes too. Some days they may need to be office based and the next day they may need to travel or work remotely. A hosted solution allows you to work professionally wherever you may be. VoIP allows you to link employee home numbers with office numbers and even mobile phones without compromising on features. This means that a VoIP system can be designed to meet the needs of the customer exactly which makes selling a VoIP system very easy.  


VoIP systems are simple to install and maintain

Setting up traditional fixed communications demands a lot of time and often comes with high installation costs. They can also come with pricey adjustments and maintenance costs. Adding extensions to traditional phone systems often requires an outside vendor who’s familiar with your phone setup and office to come out and fix or rewire the system. The maintenance costs add up and can take crucial working hours to resolve. A hosted solution however has much lower maintenance costs and installation time. Making changes to a VoIP system is easy and can be done remotely by pressing a few buttons from a management portal. This makes looking after VoIP systems very simple for resellers.


If you would like more information about becoming a VoIP reseller you can get in touch with us. We’ve structured our service to simplify reselling our award-winning VoIP hosted telephony service so you can start earning right away. As a Hello partner, you’ll receive full support and

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