This is how our award-winning VoIP solutions are transforming schools and academies

Managing a busy school isn’t easy which is why we have developed our award-winning VoIP solution which is transforming schools and academies. We are passionate about providing safeguarded, secure and compliant telephony into schools and academies. Updating your schools communication system to our state-of-the-art IP telephony is simple and most importantly, cost-effective. As a provider to education, we understand the requirements and have developed powerful features which runs your schools telephony effortlessly. Through the introduction of cloud technology, we can provide schools and academies with significant cost savings by removing the need for phone lines. Schools will gain unprecedented control over all their phone communications, benefiting from a professional and feature rich environment that’s built to increase efficiency and flexibility.


What is VoIP?

VoIP is a cloud-based telephony solution which moves your whole phone system online so all your calls are sent over your internet connection. This digital cloud-based phone system offers a wide range of additional features that you can’t get over traditional phone lines.


What school enhancing features are available with Hello VoIP systems?


  • Free calls between multi-sites – Other than having significantly lower calls costs that traditional phone lines we offer free calls between multi-site schools and academies.
  • Dedicated Anti bullying phone lines – We know that safeguarding a childs’ welfare is paramount in your school. That’s why we can set up dedicated anti-bullying phone lines. They can be used by students to anonymously call and reports acts of bullying to them or their peers. These dedicated lines have been critical for many schools in protecting students from bullying.
  • School wide emergency paging / staff broadcasts – Unfortunately, emergencies can happen. We have a school wide paging service to allow you to report emergencies quickly to staff throughout your school.
  • Reception Console – Our VoIP systems can integrate with your desktop to allow you to dial calls from your computer. This is perfect for reception staff to monitor, direct and control calls quickly and efficiently.
  • Safeguarding features – As well as emergency paging, dedicated phone lines our VoIP systems also can record calls as a safeguarding feature. With safety and security being paramount our systems can record calls automatically and store them in a secure location.
  • Simple Management and control – Managing our systems is easy, we have intuitive systems in place that can be administrated simply and efficiently by you.
  • Grade 9 support – We are always on hand for any support or advice that you may need. We have a dedicated support team that’s always available to take your call.

If you are considering moving your communications to a hosted solution or you would like more information on what Hello could offer you then please give us a call on 0800 205 5500 or email us at