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The Situation

John Hunt Primary School is a busy and growing school in Newark, Nottingham. They approached our partner, Atom IT as they needed to upgrade their outdated and overpriced phone system that no longer fulfilled their needs. They were stuck in a phone contract that was inflexible and unsuitable. Frustratingly, they couldn’t even place concurrent calls. This meant that parents often struggled to call the school and staff frequently had to wait to place external calls. John Hunt also had a slow and unreliable broadband connection that would intermittently fail which caused disruption in school lessons. Being a busy school, it was important to John Hunt that their new phone system could improve efficiency and call management. 

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The Solution

After a consultation with John Hunt we suggested that they should upgrade to our School VoIP phone systemOur School VoIP solution has been built for schools; this means that it’s packed full of specialised features that improve the day-to-day running of a school. Our VoIP phone system could provide John Hunt with an abundance of management features that they couldn’t get with their old provider. This included features like;  

  • Auto Attendants 
  • Hunt Groups 
  • Desktop 
  • Call Recording 
  • Emergency Staff Paging

We also provided John Hunt with their broadband connection. This meant that they could now hold lessons without worrying about their broadband failing.   

Being able to safeguard students is paramount to John Hunt. This is why they chose to install our staff paging system. John Hunt use their paging system as part of their emergency “lockdown” plan. Paging allows staff to instantly communicate with one another if emergency or sensitive incidents occur.    

I discovered we could have a complete new phone system and better more reliable broadband for cheaper that we were previously paying”  


John Hunt

 We can even route calls, after 4:30pm calls go straight to our school closed message until 8:00 am. The new phone system has allowed us to have a complete record of each phone’s usage and how much each extension costs the school. We now have the ability to easily record a new message if there are unforeseen circumstances that prevent us from answering the phones  


John Hunt

School Paging is very useful when we need to get a message out to all staff and pupils quickly. 

It is also used to inform staff as part of our emergency planning – if we were to have an intruder on school site and we need to go into lockdown – we have a code word all staff know, so we don’t worry the pupils. 


John Hunt

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The Result

Being a busy school, their new phone system had to be installed seamlessly.  We were on hand to answer any queries or questions. Throughout the transition period, we communicated with John Hunt to ensure that their phone service wasn’t interrupted. We installed their new VoIP phone system quickly and out of School hours.   

Their new School VoIP phone system has given John Hunt control, visibility and access to critical features that were previously unavailable to them. When asked if John Hunt would recommend our services they said: 

 “I would definitely recommend Hello Telecom to other schools due to the ease of transfer, the faster, more reliable broadband service and the cost savings” 

  • Call Management 100% 100%
  • Call Visibility 100% 100%
  • Reliable Broadband 100% 100%

All queries were answered quickly the transition was seamless, the engineer just unplugged our old phones and plugged the new ones in it couldn’t have been simpler. Everyone we dealt with has been friendly and have quickly sorted out any queries we had.


John Hunt

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