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VoIP built for Trusts

We have designed a phone service that is specially focussed on the needs of Multi-Academy Trusts.  It introduces the ability to unify a group of previously unconnected academies and integrate their communications and interactions to lower costs and enhance performance.   

It provides each school with safeguarded, centralised and cost-effective VoIP telecoms.  VoIP utilises your existing internet to carry phone calls instead of using expensive copper phone lines. VoIP comes with a host of new features that will improve productivity and ease safety concerns. 

Trust Benefits

We have designed our VoIP service specifically for Trusts, this means we have identified and developed powerful features that gives your Trust control, compliance and flexibility. Here are a few benefits below.

Trust Wide Cost Savings

With our VoIP service you’ll experience substantial cost savings across your Trust. This is because calls are made using an internet connection. This means that there are no substantial initial hardware costs and you avoid paying for costly phone lines.



Easily Managed

Gain control over your phone system. We will give you the tools so you can manage your phone system. This eliminates the need for costly third-party engineers to visit your school sites, saving you time and money.  Our support team is always available to assist you with any changes.


Free calls between Trust sites

We understand that you have to make a lot of calls between Trust sites to ensure the smooth running of a Trust. That’s why we don’t charge you for making calls to one another! 

Flexible and Scalable

Our VoIP service grows with your trust. Installation is simple and quick meaning that you’re able to add extensions or add features as and when you need to. Contrex has all of the telephony features that your MAT could need, including advanced call routing which allows you to setup a centralised, or multiple connected receptions across the MAT.

Call Monitoring

Using a simple application, you’re able to monitor every call made to your Trust. You can view who is on the phone, view past calls, access a directory and listen to Trust voicemails. 

Trust Wide Dial Plan

We can provide you with a Trust wide dial plan. Extension numbers can easily be set up to specify different job roles within your Trust.  For example, dialling 05 at the end of an extension will mean your dialling a Head Teacher.

Keep Existing Numbers

We understand the importance of keeping your existing numbers which is why we ensure that you can keep you don’t need to adopt new numbers. 

Responsive Support

We pride ourselves with giving the best support as possible to our customers. In the unlikely event that a fault occurs you can reach us on our 24hr support line or we can deploy an onsite engineer to your Trust.

Evolve Trust

Alice presented us with a fantastic business case showing that we could make great savings across the trust, I had a great deal of confidence in the knowledge shown by Hello, they understood better than most companies about our needs as an educational establishment”

Tony Cartwright, Systems Manager 

Sutton Road Primary School

“We have seen a number of cost savings from Hello Telecom in the form of: Low Initial setup cost, no on-going line rental, reduced call costs, free calls between sites. The support from Hello Telecom is excellent, with nothing too much trouble and much easier to get hold of than our previous supplier”

Alan Hughes, Operations Leader 

Headlands C.E School

“We now have a system that actually works! Its setup exactly the way we want it to be and having the BLF and DDI has been a brilliant addition for our work flow. The times I have needed to contact your support team have been dealt with promptly and resolved within the same day. Bonus is that it’s also cheaper than our last supplier and uses better hardware”

Daryl Lievesley, Head of IT 

Liverpool College

“I’ve dealt with many IT companies over the years and Hello Telecom are one of the best I’ve worked with. Mike and I commented a few times that we had total confidence in the implementation by Hello Telecom”

Mr. M. Evans and Mr. S. Mclaughlin  

John Hunt Primary & Secondary School

“I discovered we could have a complete new phone system and better more reliable broadband for cheaper that we were previously paying” “We can even route calls, after 4:30pm calls go straight to our school closed message until 8:00 am. The new phone system has allowed us to have a complete record of each phone’s usage and how much each extension costs the school. We now have the ability to easily record a new message if there are unforeseen circumstances that prevent us from answering the phones”

VoIP Features in your Trust Schools


As educational experts we have been able to build features within our VoIP technology that supercharges your Trust’s productivity, safety and management. Here are a few examples of our specialised features below. For a more detailed explanation of the features, as well as additional elements of the service, click the “Full list of VoIP features” button.

Student Support Lines

Safeguarding a child’s welfare is paramount. That’s why we’ve set up student support lines. They are used by students to record anonymously cases of bullying, express feelings of mental health and other safeguarding topics. 

Staff Emergency Broadcasts

It’s critical that staff can contact one another quickly and directly, especially if emergencies or if sensitive incidents occur.  We have developed a school wide paging system to broadcast announcements directly to staff members to ensure student safety. 

Call Recording

You can optionally record calls and safely store them. This ensures important or sensitive calls can be retained and played back if required. 

Handsets in every Classroom

We are able to fit every classroom with a phone to ensure students never need to be left alone in an emergency situation. 

Auto Attendants

We can set up menu systems that directs callers to the right departments. For example, dial 1 for Absence, dial 2 for enquiries.

Voicemail to Email

Automatically convert any voicemails into an email attachment.

Staff Conference Calls

 We can set up virtual conference rooms where you can host staff meetings in a secure recorded space.

Time Of Day Routing

Set up different options for where calls get sent based on the time of day or school holidays.

What’s Included?

Decisions are important and take time, which is why we like to make things as simple as possible. To accommodate all your needs we offer a range of different bundle options. Each Bundle includes a Contrex Extension, a free IP handset, calls (tailored to your Trust) and free features as standard! Upgrade options are available depending on your requirements. Every Trust is different which is why we offer bespoke pricing so please click the “Quick Quote” button below so we can start on your quote today.
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Case Studies

Greater Peterborough University
Technical College

Liverpool College

Holgate and Sutton Road Primarys

Evolve Trust

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