Fixed To Mobile Convergence

Hello Telecom Mobile

Customers can now access all the benefits of the Hello Telecom Hosted Business Telephony service on a mobile phone. This SIM-only service is based on a Contrex VoIP extension which optimises the transmission of voice and data, providing a full range of previously unavailable services to mobile users, including call recording, hunt group working and conference calling.

Quality Voice

The Contrex Mobile VoIP service uses the capability of the (O2) mobile network, rather than running on the data connection. This ensures a higher quality of service, seamless integration with the mobile device, as well as a better all-round user experience. Multiple DDI numbers can be made available on the same device, with 01, 03, 08 or 07 numbers available.

Fixed to Mobile Convergence Benefits
Full UK Roaming

Ideal for users who travel regularly or work on the go, we offer full UK roaming. Whenever the mobile device encounters weak or no signal, the SIM will find an alternative network to always keep the user connected.

Simple Plans

Existing mobile numbers can be ported onto the service, as well as Contrex desk extension twinning to share DDIs. We offer a simple set of plans that include bundles of minutes with additional bolt-ons for texts and data available.

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