We are passionate about providing safeguarded, secure and compliant telephony into schools and academies. Updating your schools communication system to our state-of-the-art IP telephony is simple and most importantly, cost-effective. As an educational provider, we understand the requirements needed within your school and have developed powerful features to help run your schools telephony safely and effortlessly.

Through the introduction of cloud technology, we can provide schools and academies with significant cost savings. This is because our phone service runs over an internet connection rather than costly phone lines. With our powerful telephony you’ll gain unprecedented control over your schools communications, benefiting from a professional and feature rich environment that’s allows your school to run efficiently whilst safeguarding students and staff. 

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The great thing about hosted telephony is that we can usually improve your communications and save you money. Whatever your budget may be our experts will work with you to understand your vision for your school and advise the best way to get there within budget.


We can tailor our system easily to fit with your school. Adding or removing staff members to the service is easy and it also means that you’re only paying for what you’re using. Growing the system with us is easy too, if you wish to add modules or services it’s an easy process to execute.


We understand the importance of security and safeguarding within schools. You need to make sure that any new technology that you’re introducing into your school is safe and can contribute to both staff and student’s wellbeing. Therefore, we have developed invaluable features to do this, this includes dedicated phone lines and our emergency broadcasting abilities in emergency eventualities.


Managing our systems is easy, we have intuitive systems in place that can be administrated simply and efficiently by you.


We are always on hand for any support or advice that you may need. We have a dedicated support team that’s always available to take your call.

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