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TeamsWe are pleased to announce the launch of our upgraded version of our intuitive application Contrex Desktop! Desktop provides seamless integration between your Contrex phone service and your PC. It is available to anyone using a standard Contrex extension, or a Contrex user logged onto a Contrex phone. Desktop has been specially developed to increase efficiency, visibility and control for the user. 


What is Desktop?

Put simply, it’s an PC application that provides integration between your Contrex phone service and your PC. By installing Desktop, you can control and improve call visibility within your organization. Using Desktop, you can view active calls, view call logs, listen to voicemails and more. We’ll talk more about the features of Desktop below.


What are the main features of Desktop?

  • Presence – Using the Presence window you can quickly see the call status of a phone extension. You can see if a user is free, engaged on a call or not available.
  • Directory – The Directory allows you to search and Click to Dial any contact that has been loaded into the Contrex directory.
  • Recent Calls & Current Calls – The Recent Calls tab shows a list of your last 25 calls, provided that those calls have occurred within the last 7 days. You can easily keep track of your call history using the Recent calls tab. The Current Calls tab provides information on all the active calls across your domain.
  • Smart Voicemail – The Voicemails tab provides a list of all the voicemails in your voicemail box. As well as providing information on the time that the voicemail was left and who it is from. It will also allow you to listen back and download voicemail.
  • Integration – Desktop allows you to integrate with Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Teams, Microsoft Dynamics. HubSpot and more. Sync contacts into your Directory, sync calendars, click to dial and more. Integration allows you to control calls from your Desktop to physical handsets.


What are the benefits of Desktop?

  • Enhanced Visibility – Through Desktop you’re able to see all of the users throughout your organisation. You can view their call statuses, view their call logs and listen back to past conversations. This gives you an enhanced visibility to see what calls are being placed within your organisation.
  • Control – Desktop allows you to control calls from your PC to your handset. You are able to transfer calls from your PC, Click to Call from your CRM or website or even set up conference calls virtually. This makes call control a lot simpler to manage.
  • Greater Efficiency – Through Desktop you’re able to quickly make call actions by a press of a button instead of dialling around on your handset. You can place calls directly from your favourite Helpdesk, CRM or Website from your PC.
  • Compliance & Safety – Desktop can keep your organisation safe and compliant though call recording. Calls can be set up to automatically to record and store them in a safe location. Recordings can be vital in settling disputes or can be used to train or monitor staff.


Read more about Desktop here


How can I get Desktop?

The upgraded version is available to anyone who has a current licence for Desktop. You’re able to upgrade it by using the signing in window. There will be a notification which displays the option to upgrade. If you don’t have Desktop and would like more information or to add it to your service please call us on 0115 852 6600 or email us at