VoIP in businesses

Throughout the UK we can see the adoption of VoIP and Unified Communication services rising within businesses. VoIP allows companies to work more efficiently and cohesively whilst avoiding costly phone bills. In this article we discuss further the benefits that VoIP and Unified Communications services give to businesses and why businesses are choosing them over traditional phone lines.


Quick Installation time and maintenance 

Setting up traditional fixed communications demands a lot of time and often comes with high installation costs. They can also come with pricey adjustments and maintenance costs. Adding extensions to traditional phone systems often requires an outside vendor who’s familiar with your phone setup and office to come out and fix or rewire the system. The maintenance costs soon add up and can take crucial working hours to resolve. A hosted solution however has much lower maintenance costs and installation time. Adding users can be as simple as pressing a few buttons. Hosted telephony providers also have the technology to accommodate for a mobile workforce. Installing this technology couldn’t be simpler or faster, in most cases like Hello’s all that is required is to simply slot a SIM into any major mobile device and go.


Feature rich 

A VoIP system is full of features that are simply inaccessible with traditional phone lines. One area to highlight particularly is it’s conferencing and meeting capabilities. This means that even a small business can host international meeting and conferences with ease. For most companies, all they need is hardware with a microphone, speaker and webcam capabilities. Other great features of VoIP which prove to be critical to businesses include CRM integration, conference rooms, time of day routing, hunt group, auto attendants and a lot more.


Increased flexibility 

VoIP systems allow for increased flexibility. In a smaller business the role of a staff member may vary daily, this may mean that their working location changes too. Some days they may need to be office based and the next day they may need to travel or work remotely. A hosted solution allows you to work professionally wherever you may be. VoIP allows you to link employee home numbers with office numbers and even mobile phones without compromising on features. This means that when a customer is trying to reach you all the numbers will ring, ensuring that important calls are never missed.


Competitive Advantage 

In today’s world, it’s not unreasonable that customers expect fast accessibility to customer service or support. They need to be able to contact you and more importantly be answered in a reasonable time. Research states that good customer service and support is often a swinging factor when choosing between companies. A hosted phone system is better suited for dealing with high demands and is flexible enough to change hunt groups or call diverting at a click of a button.


Mobile Working 

Whether your employees are working from their office phone or mobile device, modern cloud communications technologies can deliver a consistent user experience that transitions smoothly across multiple devices, platforms and networks. Your employees can answer calls wherever they be.

If you are considering on moving your business communications to a hosted solution or you would like more information on what Hello could offer you please give us a call on 0800 205 5500 or email us at sales@hello-telecom.co.uk.