Common misconceptions about VoIP


VoIP isn’t as complicated as the name might imply. Simply it stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s no different to what you should be currently using, VoIP lets you make and receive calls just like you do with an ordinary office phone, but uses the Internet instead. In fact, the VoIP system looks and feels exactly like an ordinary phone, many users don’t even realise that their using a VoIP handset. Unfortunately, there are a few common misconceptions surrounding VoIP, let’s address the big ones first.


VoIP means that I must completely get rid of my existing system. 

The beauty of VoIP is that it can be integrated with the technology that you already own. Typically, this is through hybrid VoIP or hybrid PBX, which combines your existing phone equipment with VoIP. It’s worth asking your potential VoIP provider if they can support this service option for you instead of buying new handsets.


I need specialised IT staff to maintain VoIP

Once you’ve chosen to implement VoIP, the provider will usually come out and install the system for you. VoIP is so simple that some providers can even supply you with step by step instructions to install it yourself. Once the system is installed all that needs to be done is to plug in the handsets and it’s ready to use. Making changes and maintaining the system is simple compared to traditional phone systems. VoIP unlike older technology makes moving, adding or changing users easy, usually through a user friendly online portal.


VoIP is only suitable for big business 

More than one third of small businesses already have a VoIP system in place. To put this simply, VoIP is flexible and cost effective for all sized organizations. VoIP systems are suitable for smaller businesses as there isn’t a big initial outlay of money to install it. Unlike traditional systems you don’t need to spend a vast amount of money on servers or costly handsets, VoIP runs over the broadband and can usually be integrated with existing handsets.


VoIP is hard to install

In todays world most organizations and businesses already have access to a high speed internet connection with many already having it installed/ This is the main foundation to VoIP, the only other components needed is an IP based phone systems and an adaptor to connect your internet router to your main phone system.

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