VoIP boosts business efficiency
What impact does an outdated phone system really have on your business? If you’re still clinging on to your dated telephone system, then you might not want to hear that huge hardware systems and multiple telephone systems are now a thing of the past. This is true for both big and small businesses alike but why are companies choosing to move to future solutions? Simply because they are proven to improve business efficiency. Still not convinced? We’ll discuss the benefits that a hosted solution has over a dated telephony system.


A hosted solution is cost effective

Cost is still the biggest factor for organizations when they are considering new telephony solutions. You’ll be pleased to hear that with a hosted solution you only pay for those services that you use. Conventional telephone systems often load additional cost for maintenance on top of your telephone bill. As hosted providers are cloud based it’s the service providers responsibility to maintain the service rather than you having to maintain the physical equipment. Unlike traditional systems they require little to no initial set up investment. Traditional systems often require you yo pay out for new handsets or more costly items like servers. With a cloud solution it works over an internet connection that’s usually already installed. Many hosted providers can also integrate their service with your existing handsets, which makes it an even cheaper switch.


Increased flexibility

VoIP systems allow for increased flexibility. With more staff starting to work remotely or on the road travelling, VoIP allows you to link employee home numbers with office numbers and even mobile phones. This means that when a customer is trying to reach you all the numbers will ring, ensuring that important calls are never missed. As your business grows, so can your VoIP solution. Adding new users and devices can be added or removed simply when needed. This is a far simpler process than it is with traditional phone lines.


Feature rich

A VoIP system is full of features that are simply inaccessible with traditional phone lines. One area to highlight is it’s conferencing and meeting capabilities. This means that even a small business can host international meetings and conferences with ease. For most companies, all they need is hardware with a microphone, speaker and webcam capabilities. Other great features of VoIP which prove to be critical to business include, CRM integration, conference rooms, time of day routing, hunt groups, auto attendants and a lot more.


Future proof

Moving to VoIP is an important decision as it means that you will be future proofing your communication. You may not be aware but ISDN phone lines will be ceasing as of 2025. This may seem like a long way away however we urge you to start considering a hosted solution now to ensure that you have time to find a solution that works best for your business. Want to find out more about VoIP can offer you and your business? We are on hand to talk and answer any questions you may have.

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