Unified Communications


In todays challenging environment, organisations need to get more work done with less resources and time. It’s a highly competitive world in which our customers have many choices when it comes to buying goods and services. Many companies and organisations are thriving in this environment thanks to the effective implementation of a unified communication system. Get it right and the business could be transformed. Get it wrong and it could be an expensive mistake that could have more than a financial cost. Integrating your office phone system with your PC environment is the perfect way to optimise your business and streamline processes. There are many providers that deliver this service but what makes Contrex Desktop particularly beneficial for your organisation?


Contrex Desktop allows your employees to complete their work in a efficient and timely manner. Contrex Desktops Click to Dial feature allows you to simply click a number on your PC and it will connect that call straight to your phone. This is a great time saving feature for any organisation that has a large volume of outbound calls to make. Efficiency is increased with Contrex Desktops Directory feature. The Directory holds all of the company’s phone numbers in one central place. There numbers can be easily stored and searched for within the Directory. This is an invaluable feature as it eliminates the tedious and timely task of having to chase numbers from your colleagues.


Security and Compliance

The topic of security is a hugely relevant buzz word at the moment. As there’s an ever-increasing pressure to meet regulations we need to make sure that the technology that’s implemented into the workplace is secure. Contrex Desktop┬áhas in-built security features to ensure that all the clients information is secure. Sometimes it can feel as though more regulations are being published faster than you can comply. Here at Hello we make sure that our services allow you to be compliant where possible. This is why we have the call recording feature to allow you to be compliant with the upcoming MiFID II legislation. Unfortunately, every business faces the risk of complaints and potential law suits. Customer disputes usually begin with a miscommunication and end up with the risk of a lawsuit when there is no easy way to prove who is right. Businesses are liable for these miscommunications, and the process of defending a case is costly. For this reason, it is imperative to take a proactive attitude to avoid this from happening. With a call recording system in place within Desktop, you can use the recordings as evidence to defuse customer disputes before they escalate into costly problems.


Increased Visibility

Desktop allows you to have unprecedented call visibility across your organisation. You gain enhanced visibility through the Presence feature which allows you to view current or active calls that are being placed in real time. You are able to view outbound and inbound calls and identify the individuals that are placing them. This means that you are able to effectively monitor staff across your whole organisation all from one convenient place. The Recent Calls feature is another very useful feature within Contrex Desktop. The Recent Call feature logs all of the outbound and inbound calls that have been placed. This means you have an automatic log which records times, dates, individuals, length of conversation and most importantly it records the conversations automatically for you to easily playback through the Desktop window.


Moving your organisation to a unified communication solution can be a daunting task. That’s why we recommend you to call us if you would like any advice or you have any questions regarding Contrex Desktop. Please call us on 0800 205 5500 or email us at sales@hello-telecom.co.uk