VoIP Considerations

If you’re thinking about switching your current phone system to VoIP then you’re making the right decision but have you addressed a few key questions? It’s important that you consider these key points as implementing a new VoIP phone system is a high-profile project which will transform many aspects of your organization. Let’s identify these key areas of consideration to make sure the switch is a huge success.


What features are critical for your employees?

It’s imperative that you keep your employees in the forefront of your mind when you’re considering a new VoIP system as they are the ones that will be using it! This means that you need to open up a channel of dialogue with your employees and ask them what they need in a phone system. Address what they would improve and note down their feedback. All of this will provide a solid foundation for your project requirements. It can be daunting task to collect all the necessary information across your organization, which could include multiple departments, groups or teams, each with its own set of needs and expectations. However if you carry out this step precisely you will set a smooth precedent for the rest of the VoIP installation. Another aspect to consider is physically trying out different systems in your workplace. It’s worth asking providers if you can test them as many providers will offer free trials of their services. This way you can accurately see if it will work for your organization or not.


What are the system requirements?

It’s always a good idea to conduct an audit of your organizations existing systems and hardware. This includes routers, wiring, switches and phones. Most VoIP providers can carry these audits out on your behalf. Otherwise your IT team should be able to carry one out for you. As VoIP relies on a strong internet connection, your quality of service hinges on your broadband capabilities. If your organization finds itself with inadequate connection then this can be easily rectified. It’s also important to consider your equipment carefully too as they might not be compatible with a hosted system. Many providers aren’t forthcoming but you may be able to make your own current hardware and handsets compatible with you new VoIP service. Here at Hello we endeavour to reuse your current hardware wherever we can to ensure you’re only paying for what you really need.


How flexible does my new phone system need to be?

It’s critical in business that you’re to flexible in order to stay completive. Therefore, you need a phone system that’s equally agile. A hosted solution gives you just that. In order to make administrative changes it can be as simple as pressing a few buttons without having to call the vendor. This is a huge time benefit as traditional systems can take days to make simple changes like adding extensions. Look for a vendor that can provide administrative changes via a portal to ease day to day management where you can.


Remote working is on the rise, how can I future proof my communication and support my mobile workforce?

The majority of workers are already using mobile phones and research indicates that this is set to rise. This means you should pick a provider that can offer VoIP services to mobile too. There’s no reason why you can’t hold business landline features in your pocket with today technology. Here at Hello we provide business mobile SIMs which you place into all major mobiles. You are then free to work remotely without compromising on any critical business features.


Switching to VoIP is a game changer for your organization. The good news is that you making the correct one by insuring your future proofing your business telephony before it’s too late. You can expect lower costs and greater flexibility but if you would like some more advice on what you could expects or to talk to us about our Hello VoIP systems please call us on 0800 205 5500 or email us at sales@hello-teleocm.co.uk