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Partner programmes are well established and popular business strategies that benefits both vendor and partner. They are used to grow sales and diversify their network of users by establishing new links to customers. Collaborating with the right partner will open up lots of opportunities for you and your business, but what are the specific benefits of partnering with Hello Telecom? It’s time to find out!

Increased Revenue

Let’s start with arguably the biggest benefit that a partner programme will provide. Most people opt to enrol in partnerships in order to grow their business and to make money. That’s the best part about partnership programs is that both sides benefit from the increased revenue. Here at Hello we offer great commission. The beauty of partnering with Hello Telecom, is that we can offer your business an ongoing monthly-recurring revenue stream and with regular orders placed your revenue stream can fast-become a substantial amount for you and your business. To put it simply, Telecoms is a big earner! What makes Hello different is that we don’t believe in minimum sales targets. We don’t think they’re necessary, we believe that once you see how much you can earn through Hello that’s enough motivation to sell.


Superior Support and Training

Feeling like your supported as a Hello partner is paramount, it gives you the confidence to be able to sell our services effectively. That’s why we are on hand to offer support throughout the partnership. What makes Hello different is that we can adapt to your needs to be as involved as you require. We are available throughout the sales journey. This includes help with pre-sales qualifying process, quotation/proposal writing, conference call inclusion, demonstrations and we even offer help with onsite evaluations. Support doesn’t just stop with sales, we also have a dedicated marketing manager that is able to run marketing campaigns on your behalf. We also have an extensive library full of marketing materials that we are able to rebrand for you. This library contains, E shot templates, proposal designs, brochure, product sheets and information flyers. Here at Hello we don’t believe that you should have to pay fro training. All our sales and administration training courses are provided free of charge.


Award Winning hosted pioneers in Telecoms

The world of business communications is changing faster than ever. To keep ahead of your competition, you need a partner who has in depth technical knowledge, is experience, customer focussed and flexible. Hello Telecom was one of the UK’s pioneers of the cloud based, hosted services and has been offering them to the reseller channel since 2004. We have continued to invest heavily in the technology since our inception and we continue to do so. We are proud to be a quality award member of the Internet Telephony Service Providers Association (ITSPA) and our high standards have been recognised by the award of finalist in the competition for the Best Business ITSP since 2012. Since then we have gone on to be the winners of Best Business ITSP SME 2015 and 2017!


We set you up to win business

We recognise the challenges faced by service providers and resellers. Our aim is to empower your sales efforts. We do this by providing you with attractive services at great prices in order to set you up to win business. We have designed our own carrier grade cloud based communications platform called Contrex. It’s a feature-rich hosted VoIP service unique to the UK. We are constantly improving Contrex and expanding the feature set. Unlike some of our competitors , we don’t charge extra for items such as call recording. Unfortunately, there is a potential for fraud to be committed in all areas of telecoms. Luckily, Contrex has in built fraud detection and prevention. Contrex allows you to set and manage credit limits on your customer’s call expenditure via the Contrex portal.

Unfortunately, we can’t discuss all of the benefits of our partner programmes here but if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 205 5500.