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Whatever industry your business is in it’s likely that you can see the merit in documenting your communication with customers. The need for call recording usually derives from wanting to provide excellent customer service or to comply with regulatory requirements. Sadly, even though many businesses have this technology they are not using it to its full potential. We believe that call recording should not be overlooked as implemented correctly it can provide your business with previously unseen benefits.



Coaching and Training

Call recording plays a vital role in developing and monitoring staff. Recording software allows supervisors and managers to filter and search past as well as current call recordings. They can easily review their sales forces calls and easily extract portions of a phone call. This allows supervisors and managers to provide productive performance reviews with their employee, showing how the employee is doing, as well as helping to improve and guide their employee to obtain a greater quality of success.



Fact verification and risk mitigation

Unfortunately, every business faces the risk of complaints and potential law suits. Customer disputes usually begin with a miscommunication and end up with the risk of a lawsuit when there is no easy way to prove who is right. Businesses are liable for these miscommunications, and the process of defending a case is costly. For this reason, it is imperative to take a proactive attitude to avoid this from happening. With a call recording system in place, you can use the recordings as evidence to defuse customer disputes before they escalate into costly problems.



Compliance and regulatory standards

A lot of call recording software installed into businesses are usually a result of necessity due to compliancy regulations. With new and old government regulations, compliance has been an important requirement for the majority of businesses. If you are in the financial sector you are most likely to record all verbal communications. MiFID II requires information to be recorded and stored for 5 years.  Businesses are constantly  regulated and monitored by private and government institutions that actively search for improper handling of personal information. Call recording systems maintain your compliance with these regulatory groups and keep you from getting fined.



Customer and business insights

Monitoring facility phone calls can improve customer satisfaction and quality control significantly but it can also allow you to gain unpresented insight into the types of conversations, you are able to dissect customers questions to discover what they really want. Perhaps there are some reoccurring questions or useful observations. You are now able to analyse them and more importantly implement them to improve your business.